How to walk away

What is gambling? Gambling is risking something of value in a game of chance.

Examples of gambling: Lotteries, casinos, playing cards for money, slot machines, Video Lottery Terminals (VLT), Bingo, Sports betting, Internet gambling.

When is gambling a problem?

  • When gambling affects your relationship with family and friends
  • When it causes you problems at work or school
  • When it causes money problems
  • When it makes you physically and mentally ill

What are the signs of problem gambling?

  • Having financial problems or arguments about money
  • Gambling until you win or spend all your money
  • Gambling more than your planned or intended to
  • Lying about your losses
  • Feeling guilty about your gambling
  • Being criticized about your gambling
  • Being sure that past losses can be won back
  • “Chasing losses” – feeling the need to gamble again to win back losses
  • Gambling to escape your problems
  • Promising to stop and then gambling again
  • Neglecting your family, work or school in order to gamble

Remember that help is available for the gambler and or their family


Gambling makes you physically and mentally ill. Illustration: © Megan Jorgensen