Aside from being a literary and movie genre, fantasy is also a type of art - fantasy art. In films and books, fantasy represents imaginary worlds, with many magic and other surreal elements. Such mythical fiction has captivated the minds of many throughout human history.

In television, in 2011 alone, many shows appeared or continued to run (Merlin, Once Upon a Time, The Legend of the Seeker and Camelot). Interstingly, the legend surrounding Morgan or Morgana le Fay, Merlin (the famous illusionist and witch, and wizard, respectively), King Arthur, Excalibur (enchanted sword predestined to belong to the true ruler of England) and, last but not least, the Lady of the Lake.

alien face

Magic, green haired Elf Prince. Image: Copyright ©

Elves are mythical creatures present in many such works, and increasingly popular in computer games. According to stories, there are dark and light elves, different by not only appearance, but likewise in character. Still, most elves are easily spotted by their pointy ears (slightly different, and customarily more pronounced, than those of the Vulcans - an alien race popularized by the science fiction franchise Star Trek). Usually, an elf is particularly apt at playing musical instruments and crafting silver.

Other fantastical beings are fairies, pixies (pixie dust), dwarfs, trolls (predating the Internet comments, forums and posts variety!), dragons and all sorts of witches, warlocks, enchantresses, magicians, sorceresses and sorcerers. Witchcraft, also called the craft, sorcery and magic, has long been the center of such worlds.

alien rose

A dark-blue haired Elf Princess holding a fairy flower. Image: Copyright ©

Incidentally, magical powers, and related elements, have even been intertwined with religion. For example, many pagan religions, including the Old Religion (practiced in Europe before the advent of Christianity) and Wicca encompass many magic components. Of course, during the Middle Ages all such faiths were eradicated in the remnants of the Roman Empire, often through ruthless persecutions and witch hunts.

Evidently, some of the best known publications on the subject include The Lord of the Rings trilogy (J. R. R. Tolkien) and the Harry Potter book series (J. K. Rowling). Both works have resulted in derivative movie sequels. Other honorable mentions center on the musical Wicked, Sabrina (movie, TV show and animated series star), the witches of Salem and plot based horror movies. While scary storytelling has associated spell casting with negativity, good and benevolent enchantment casters are similarly encountered in such and other fiction.