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Manga is a style of comics originating in Japan, in the same way as anime is an initially Japanese animation genre. Both have gained worldwide popularity. More information on neurotransmitters and other subjects studied in neuroscience can be found in the Home and Glossary sections, as well as on the blog.


Interestingly the word anime varies in meanings. Sometimes it narrowly refers to Japanese animation and comics (with related words such as manga, komikku and popular series Naruto), while at other times it means cartoon and comic book style characters and stories, that are dark, close to Gothic, in nature. Despite the indisputable worldwide popularity of the anime genre, there are many other cartoon styles such as machinima (toons made with computer graphics as background art), Family Guy and derivative shows, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, The Lion King or Star Trek: The Animated Series, to only name a few…

A distinguished comic story turned cartoon is The Smurfs franchise. Also called Schtroumpfs, these mythical creatures were created in Belgium, and more information on them can be found on their homepage ( On July 29, 2011 a collaboration between Columbia Pictures and Sony Animation Pictures presented the 3D movie The Smurfs. Needless to say, it’s a lovely movie… Other famous animated productions come from prestigious cartoons, fantasy and comics names such as Disney, Dream Works Animation, Marvel and DC.


Neuroscientific manga. Image: Copyright ©

Nonetheless, the term Smad Ubiquitin Regulatory FactorS are also abbreviated as such (Arora & Warrior, 2001). The ligases fulfill important functions in TGF-β functions. Well, aside from some biomedical bloggers and the present entry, there are very few connections between smurfs and neuroscience. As seen in this Tribute to Peyo’s Smurfs, the neuroscientific ‘Smurfette’ explains:

Lovely Google clip from hybrid / mixed theme movie where Smurfette or Schtroumpfette is voiced by I Kissed a Girl singer Katy Perry (who since went from jade black to golden blond locks): Author: CleverMovies


koalas are aussie cats

Muse. Image: Copyright ©

Some animation, graphic design and video editing programs are available at little or no cost. Such examples are freeware, open source, shareware & several Internet sites.


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