Nicaragua and iPhone

Nicaragua's communications infrastructure allows you to communicate in a variety of ways, from land line telephones to Internet access, and if you want to keep in touch with family and friends during your stay in this country your iPhone is the best way to do it.

International calls made to telephones outside of Nicaragua can be made by means of direct dialing or through and international operator, these can be quite expensive depending on where you are calling. Enitel is the main telephone operator in Nicaragua. Most tourist destinations within Nicaragua will have land line connections and international direct dialing is available. But telephone charges can change so you should therefore consult the telephone company to find out the costs.

Due to the increase in popularity of iPhones, Nicaragua is quickly expanding its cellular services and infrastructure, and network operators continue to improve their coverage. Till now, the best cellular coverage is in and around major cities, but reception is available throughout the country and thus your iPhone will help you to stay in touch with the external world. IPhone rental is also an option in Nicaragua, but this service is not available everywhere. However, internet connections are available in the majority of Nicaragua's cities, making Internet access quite wide.

Nicaragua's government subsidizes the country's Internet cafés and therefore charges in them are inexpensive. These Internet cafes are great if you want to browse the Internet or send e-mails, besides, you can also make less expensive international calls from Internet cafés by means of VOIP systems.

If you have a iPhone with a service, you can purchase an iPhone international plan from your company that will allow me to use your iPhone while in Nicaragua, and the service exists outside of Managua, its capital. But don’t look to make phone calls, as they will be expensive, you’ll just want to send the occasional text and check the internet and eMails.

Don’t forget that if you get an international plan from your company, and it will work here, you’ll need a phone that is compatible with the networks. You can call your company help line and they can give you more info by looking at your account and phone and let you know if it will work, and what kind of plan you need if it will work.

Depending on how long you are there though, it may just be cheaper to purchase a cheap phone in Nicaragua and use that locally. You may want to sell your iPhone in Nicaragua, as they are rather expensive, but keep in mind that you’d better do it through your hotel employee or in an Internet coffee shop.

The Nicaraguan government hopes the situation with iPhones will change as the project of the Nicaragua Interoceanic Grand Canal, a proposed waterway through Nicaragua to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, is moving forward.  The planned canal, the project of the century, could be about 175 miles long, with locks big enough to accommodate the biggest new container ships. The project also includes provisions for the construction of deep-water ports, free-trade shipping zones, an international airport, an oil pipeline, and a railway linking the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of Nicaragua.

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It's been a dream a long time… we’ll see very soon if the dream becomes a nice reality for Nicaragua. The iPhone will come with the Canal and everyone will talk one to another as two nice Nicaraguan parrots, as a great writer Megan Jorgensen used to say. Photo : ©