Tell me, guys, do you believe in telepathy? To tell the truth, I’ve never given it much thought, but the evidence seems rather convincing. But is someone else capable of reading our mind?

I don’t know if you’ve read any of the evidence suggesting that telepathy is somehow independent of time.

Can you imagine a room without walls, where there’s no entrance or exit?

Well, it’s not as simple as that, but it seems that we can really read other people’s mind while we are dreaming or even slightly drink. Yes, you may say that invalidates the evidence, but I don’t think so. It seems it’s the only way we could break through the barrier that separates us from the others minds.

Try and imagine the effect of that discovery: the effect of learning that every act, every thought or desire that flitted through your mind is being watched and shared by another being. It’ll mean, of course, the end of all normal life for everyone.

The real life would become a nightmare as every man and every woman would be a kind of telepathic Peeping Tom – no longer content with mere watching.

The will be a constant but sudden invasion of your mind. People will be always there, sharing your emotions, gloating over the passions they can’t experience in their bodies.

To make matters worse, some people will came chasing after me, and they wouldn’t leave you alone, and bombard you with e-mail letters and phone calls. It’ll be hell, you’ll be unable to fight them, so you’ll have to run away (and you’ll think on a small calm village in Costa Rica, of all places, where no one would bother you.

Have you ever wondered what the human race will do when science has discovered everything, when there are no more worlds to be explored, when all the stars have given up their secrets? Telepathy is one of the answers.

Indeed, I don’t know if you’ve read any of the evidence suggesting that telepathy is somehow independent of time. If it is people will send back their minds to an earlier, more virile age, and become parasites on the emotions of their predecessors.

Perhaps this explains all cases of what we call possession. How the future Telepath must have ransacked the past to assuage their hunger! Can’t you picture them, flocking like carrion crows around the decaying  Afro-Canadian  Empire, jostling one another for the minds of the Emperor Tremblay? (But perhaps they haven’t much choice and must take whatever mind they can contact in any age, transforming from that to the next whenever he has the chance).

However, perhaps telepathy is a symbol of conscience, a personification of guilt, remarkably detailed hallucination, that is yet another example of the tricks the human mind can play in its efforts to deceive itself. And when we realized this, we would cease to be haunted by our past in times of emotional crises. Just trying to fight an increasing sense of futility and uselessness during these moments might be enough.


Telepathy - a room without walls, where there is no exit. Illustration : Megan Jorgensen

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