Staten Island : A World Beyond the Ferry

You made it to Staten Island, a New York City borough that is rich with vibrant communities, cultural attractions, recreational activities and great food.

Faraway travelers have been coming here ever since Giovanni de Verrazzano was the first European to set foot on the island in 1524. Immigrants from many nations have found the island an ideal place to settle or to visit. South Beach has been a haven for visitors and sunbathers since the 19th century. With more than 12,000 acres of parkland, four miles of public beach – and one of the longest Boardwalks in the world – there continues to be a host of things to do outdoors for adventurous travelers.

Staten Island has retained its historical and cultural heritage, fosters a flourishing arts scene, and provides for a variety of entertainment. In other words, Staten Island is very much a part of New York City – but at its own pace.

Around the island: Fun, culture and history await those who venture to see Staten Island’s beautiful parks, museums, art galleries, gardens… Visit the Staten Island Zoo, stroll through the past at New York City’s only historic village, Richmond Town, or march to Fort Wadswosth, one of the oldest military sites in the U.S.

Local dining: Where to eat? Let your hunger guide you to one of the many great restaurants here on the island. Although Staten Island is most famous for its Italian restaurants, there are a wide variety of other great cuisines, so go grab a slice, some pancakes or dumplings…

Just off the ferry: Take a walk along the Esplanade, where you can enjoy picture-perfect views of New York Harbor. Step into Staten Island's rich cultural history by visiting the St.George Theatre, the Staten Island Museum and the Borough Hall murals. Or catch a champion-level baseball game with the Staten Island Yankees.

staten island down town

North Shore, the St. George historical district which is teeming with restaurants, Victorian homes and the island’s seat of government, Borough Hall. Photo by ©

esplanade staten island

View of the harbor. Photo by ©

arc staten island

Manhattan as seen from the Staten Island North Shore. Photo by ©

amoka street

Lamoka Street. Photo by ©

ridgewood street staten island

Ridgewood Street. Photo by ©

wilson street

Wilson Street. Photo by ©

staten island

Staten Island residential blocs as seen from the harbor. Photo : ©

statue of liberty

Staten Island Ferry and the statue of Liberty. Photo : ©