Toronto is a beautiful city in Ontario, Canada. By far the biggest and most populated city in the country, it could be described as a mix between New York and Moscow. Restaurants, hotels in all price ranges and amazing shopping malls abound; aside from all the other exciting things to do. But a picture is worth a thousand words:

I went to Toronto many times and it never ceases to amaze me. Toronto reminds of New York, with a downtown largely reminiscent of New York city's famous Time Square. Every year, I religiously celebrate the countdown watching Anderson Cooper and the drop of the ball!

Toronto is marvelous for a tourist, since it has many facilities for the adventurous soul. For example, laundromats, dry cleaners and 24/7 Internet cafes are present throughout the metropolitan. Also, many stores are open well past "curfew", even clothing stores, not to mention speciality or sex shops.

Places to stay include hotels and motels, for all kinds of budgets, although all in all Toronto is a fairly expensive city, at least by the standards of this avid traveler. Attractions are countless, including the spectacular CN Tower, the adjacent Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, museums, a gorgeous waterfront (Queens Quay - Harbourfront), magnificent and numerous shopping malls, including designer boutiques in the high end district, Yorkville.

Living in Toronto, as with most cities in the world, is quite different from vacationing. Rent is very pricy, as compared to other Canadian cities, such as Montreal, Quebec, and getting around may seem more difficult due to several factors. Nonetheless, the city is a vibrant and lively one, and present many challenges, but also opportunities, for those who can afford it.


View of Toronto city center (downtown) skyline. Image: Copyright © Megan Jorgensen

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