Frankly I don't care

If you've never had a nerdy bone in your body, feel free to skip this note. But, if you ever laid on your back under the stars and thought about Mercury, Gemini, Apollo or the Space Shuttle, read on and see if you're as geek-struck as I was researching this. (Unknown observer).

I don’t care what you do as long as it’s something we can be proud of. But why the craze for gadgets? We’ve got all the machines we need. (Arthur C. Clarke, The Lion of Comarre).

Now that all other approaches have failed, the “frankly-I-don’t-care” attitude is the only one left open to me (Megan Jorgensen, Frankly I don't care)

Fancy an artist saying that anything’s perfect. Father, I’m ashamed of you! ((Arthur C. Clarke, The Lion of Comarre).

It’s not a dark age, because we haven’t forgotten anything. (Arthur C. Clarke, The Lion of Comarre).

I’ve got better things to do with my time. Too much damn gold around, anyhow. I’m after the commercially useful metals – the ones our civilization is going to be desperately short of in another couple of generations. And as a matter of fact, even with my sieve it wouldn’t be worth going after gold. There are only about fifty pound of the stuff in every cubic mile. (Arthur C. Clarke, The Man who Ploughed the Sea).

When are we going to cross interstellar space? – Who wants to go to the stars, anyway? (Arthur C. Clarke, The Lion of Comarre).